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City of Asheville 7-Day Vegan Challenge

The City of Asheville has declared the week of June 4, 2018, “The City of Asheville 7-Day Vegan Challenge.” It’s the first ever “city-proclaimed” vegan challenge in the U.S.! This groundbreaking effort was initiated by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue to promote awareness about Animal Justice, Environmental Justice, Climate Justice, and plant-based nutrition to improve human health.

City of Asheville Proclamation Ceremony: (Left to Right) Jason Sellars – Chef and Owner of Plant Vegan Restaurant, Brian Haynes – Asheville, NC, Councilman, Mayor Esther E. Manheimer – Mayor Of Asheville, Paul Berry – Brother Wolf Executive Director.

Sign up today and join fellow citizens in the greater Asheville area for this FIRST EVER city-wide Vegan Challenge in the US! Help us meet our goal of getting 500 people signed up before June 3rd!

Download the City Vegan Challenge Guide

Check out what’s inside!

  • Easy 7-Day meal plan created by Mission Health Weight Management
  • Vegan nutrition guide
  • Loads of recipes
  • Handy grocery list
  • List of participating Asheville restaurants and businesses

The City Of Asheville 7-Day Vegan Challenge is produced by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, A No-Kill organization based in Asheville, NC. The challenge will be held prior to Brother Wolf’s Asheville VeganFest, which draws over 10,000 attendees, and is intended to bring awareness to the #1 cause of climate change: animal agriculture. The challenge is designed to be scalable to other cities across the country and world in response to the imminent large-scale environmental and health crisis humanity faces.

About The Challenge

The City Of Asheville 7-Day Vegan Challenge is produced by Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, a non-profit, No Kill organization based in Asheville, NC. The Challenge will commence Monday, June 4th, the week leading up to Asheville VeganFest (June 8-10). We’ve extended VeganFest to a three-day festival for 2018 and expect a record crowd this year of over 15,000 attendees. The theme of VeganFest is to bring awareness to the impacts of global animal agriculture on mass species extinction, climate change and human health. Expert speakers from across the U.S. and beyond will explain how the transition to the vegan diet is the single-most effective change we can make as individuals to help mitigate these crises– and build a more compassionate, sustainable world for all life on Earth. For more information about VeganFest, please visit www.avlveganfest.org.

Bring “Vegan Challenge Week” To Your City!

We created a “7-Day Challenge Start-Up Kit” which includes the following:

  • Sample proclamation
  • Sample press release
  • Sample marketing plan
  • Custom 7-Day Challenge website created by us!
  • Obtaining partnerships and sponsorship guide
  • Weekly strategy calls

and so much more! Contact Courtney@bwar.org for more information!

As Seen On

Visit The Brother Wolf Sanctuary

After completing the 7-day challenge we would like to offer you the opportunity to spend some one on one time with some of our amazing farm animal friends at the Brother Wolf Animal Sanctuary. Looking into the eyes of an animal and seeing that they are complex, feeling beings will help incentivize you to stay on the path to a vegan lifestyle. Our Founder and President is offering small groups of people a personalized tour of the sanctuary by appointment during the remainder of June. You will get to meet some amazing pigs, some endearing cows, and learn about the plans for the full build-out of the sanctuary. Complete your tour by enjoying some homemade vegan treats and we guarantee you will make the commitment to a more sustainable future for the planet, the animals, and ourselves.


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Participating Restaurants



Paul Berry, Executive Director Brother Wolf

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Courtney Zurcher, Marketing Director VeganFest, City Vegan Challenge


For all press inquiries please contact Courtney Zurcher

Courtney@Bwar.org | 402.707.4387

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